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Bob Marley Ensemble

February 21, 2017

It has been such a privilege learning about my hero Bob Marley and performing the songs on his album Exodus, which is celebrating its 40th  anniversary this year. This is the perfect time to engage and truly understand his lyrics with all of the changes happening is this world. My band mates and I, along with our teacher Matt Jensen have had such a wonderful time spreading this message of hope and unity. Bob Marley's Music truly has shown us that, one can live on through not only their music but also the message of their music. 

 The ensemble after the Berklee Performance Center performance (02/02/17)



The I-threes with Vivian Goldman 


                          "One love,

 One heart

 Let's get together and,

feel all right"

Bob Marley -One Love

My first BPC show  















Performed in Berklee Caf Show with Berklee Bob Marley ensemble (12/08/16) 
















"Vivien Goldman was the first journalist to introduce mass white audiences to the Rasta sounds of Bob Marley. Throughout the late 1970s, Goldman was a fly on the wall as she watched reggae grow and evolve, and charted the careers of many of its superstars, especially Bob Marley. "

The Book of Exodus-The Making and Meaning of Bob Marley and the Wailers' Album of the Century


"Open your eyes and look within
Are you satisfied, with the life you're living?
We know where we're going
We know where we're from
We're leaving Babylon, y'all!
We're going to our Father's land"

 Exodus by Bob Marley


    "Performed at Amazing Things Arts Center with Berklee Bob Marley Ensemble (12/09/16)















"Guiltiness (talkin' 'bout guiltiness)Pressed on their conscience, oh yeah - oh yeahAnd they live their lives (they live their lives)On false pretence, every dayEach and every day, yeah."

Guiltiness by Bob Marley



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