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Openned for Konshens!!!!!

April 11, 2017


It's been a crazy couple of months with my group- Riddim symphony. It seems like we have been on a Boston college tour performing for all the Caribbean Student Organizations around us. It all started with the Pump Your Flag show at the Berklee caf and then we just kept getting called. We never expected that northeastern would call us again to open for big time dancehall artist KONSHENS!!!! 



Konshens is most known for his dancehall songs "Bruk Off Your Back," "Pull Up To Mi Bumper," and "Gal a Bubble."


 Its honestly just so amazing how these things happen, you know? Like I feel so blessed. We just started this thing as a way to just showcase all of our cultures from the West Indies but then we actually became a gigging band. All of us in the group never expected we would be opening for dancehall artists, nonetheless one as relevant as Konshens. And the possibilities are endless. After this event we were offered to perform for both Boston and Cambridge Carnival, to perform next year at the same event at northeastern, and we got another caf show for the fall. Like Riddim symphony has took us so far already after a couple of gigs, we can't even imagine where it will take us in the future. 






These guys have become family for me. Like I have just been so blessed to have so many big brothers in my life. We just enjoy one another's company before and after performing.Just so blessed!!!













 In all honesty, like this is all due to the Creator and Im just so blessed that god has placed us in places and situations we didn't know were possible and I Cant wit to see what Jehovah will do next!!! SO BLESS UP TILL NEXT UPDATE!!


In their hearts human beings plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

-Proverbs 16:9 NIV


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