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Rise: Riddim Symphony BPC Show

January 31, 2019


            I had to take the time and the space to fully and truthfully recover from the Rise! S.O.C.A. Show! I've been so emotional these couple of months (starting since October, and I'll explain.) Its my last year at berklee and the fight for this show, for this type of showcase of Caribbean culture, has been an ongoing struggle since my freshman year. Because when you come to berklee and you see all these other groups being represented and your looking around for other people who grew up like you, and there's no community. We exist of course but we worked our way to get together and stick together.

           We didn't have a group. There's no class teaching or performing soca, calypso, Konpa, rake n scrape, bouyon,dembow. Reggae is taught but that's not a genre that reps all the Caribbean community. So from the first semester I knew I wanted to create what is now S.O.C.A. Before my sophomore year, I emailed roger brown, inspired to do something to really bring the Caribbean community and some of our artist here. My junior year was all about the development of the club,which in itself was a struggle as well again trying to support another show for Caribbean hurricane releif. My last year I'm fighting, and even though I can't walk in May because the medical setbacks I have faced, I'm gonna fight to make sure my peers get to go out with a bang.


          Since October , I asked that we have someone from the Caribbean could get an honorary doctorate, I asked that we have a Caribbean week in April and that the bpc show we just did be apart of that week. We got Jan. I'm still grateful to roger brown, Sean skeet, ron reid, Winston for calling people to make this happen, and even then people counted us out. They didn't believe in us, that we can put on a show of this magnitude. When I say this whole process to get this show and just to showcase the Caribbean in the magnitude we did! Cause the band did this in 2 weeks! The dancers did this in two weeks. The costumes were in the process since January! Our opener was confirmed in jan.

           You have to understand that time and time again we were counted out. This show was more than us, to me, it was about making sure that the next generation of Caribbean students won't have to struggle as much as me, harun, ben, rashid, marcus, Joshua Gumbs, and plenty others. The show was about making sure our countries and culture was represented in the greatest of light.

             So I got to thank all of Riddim Symphony, a band I was in from day one. I got to thank all the dancers,and choreographers who (Nia, tae, Yami, Lyara ) who helped me make sure we looked bomb. To harun, evad, Miguel, mahamma , for md and arranging your sections. To the guest singers, to designers of the costumes mas n motion, to ghetto people band. To all the sponsor of the event. To Ashley, Tiffany, Demí, Ava, davgil, for helping and marketing the event the way you did. To Fahrenheit tv and novacaine media, mikey d, welikeculture for promoting us. Thanks to the parents who continuously supporting us and the teachers who do that as well. And last but not least thank you to the supporters, who continue to go all out for us! The evidence is all below-> this is why I've been emotional.


Thank you to @masnmotion for allowing us to showcase our culture with their beautiful costumes!!! We loved working with them!!! Shout out to @ksean18 and the whole crew !! Riddim Symphony @masnmotion





I was in charge of choreographers, rehearsals, stage production, gave the light and sound guys what I wanted for production, lead singer, bgv, dancer and organizer for the event. I got the opening band and the costume designer.




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